Work In Progress

“The Kindness of Strangers” / Yelling Animation Studio

“The Kindness of Strangers” series of two animations dedicated to the centennial of the Armenian Genocide Yelling Animation Studio Yelling Animation Studio was founded on July 1, 2014. We’re a startup studio powered by Tumo Center for Creative Technologies. Our passion is 2D, stop-motion and classic hand-drawn animation. We are four friends and we met at […]

“Tailless fox” / Levon Abrahamyan

Levon Abrahamyan From 1994 to 1996 Levon Abrahamyan started studying in State College of Fine Arts named after Phanos Terlemezyan, specialty: graphic designer. From 1996 to 2002 he continued his education at Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts, Specialty: Artist. Since 2008 Levon Abrahamyan is a member of the Union of Artists of Armenia. He […]

“Last Round in Istanbul” / Serge Avédikian

“Last Round in Istanbul” In 1946, between Addis Ababa and Istanbul, a Turkish boxer (Suleyman) and an Armenian boxer (Armen) are caught in the trap of a ruthless chase. After their fight in Ethiopia, Suleyman, knowing he is wanted for war crimes, stages his own death to switch identity. Armen, accused of murdering Suleyman must […]

“New Year” / Naira Muradyan

Naira Muradyan Born in 1961 Dec. 17 in Yerevan. In 1977 she started studying in State College of Fine Arts named after Phanos Terlemezyan. From 1980 she started her work as a production designer in “Armenfilm”. She was a freelance painter in different theatres, and starting from the year 2000, she worked on TV. In […]