ReAnimania Scholarship: Expectations & First Impressions

The first “ReAnimania” Scholarship winner Levon Baghdasaryan wrote us from Angouleme, France telling us about his expectations and the first impressions he had of the Ecole des Métiers du Cinéma d’Animation (Emca Angoulême).

The following is quoted from his letter:

“Dear ReAnimania team,

The first thing I noticed when I saw the EMCA  school of Animation (from afar) was how really beautiful the school is. I entered the building and introduced myself to the director, and after that went to the classroom, where the animation tutors were presenting the workshop to the 2nd course students. The appearance of the Animation school and the variety of the students was very spectacular in its own way.

I had this very odd feeling to see so many young people engaging in learning and creating animation, all located in one place, and also EMCA itself was devoted to animation only. Every student there was working on his own animation technique and his own way of storytelling. That’s why I was constantly navigating through all the courses giving the students relentless questions and watching carefully their created animation works. They were all very skillful. I understood and learned so many by observing how the students work and listening to the priceless tips & advices given by the tutors.

Interesting was the part when I finished working on my animatic and started showing it to everyone, asking for their opinion whether any part or detail of my work wasn’t well done, their opinions were all dissimilar to each other. There were no directly made corrections on a particular part or detail, the parts most liked by some were also not liked by others and vice versa. I heard many different opinions given by professionals and also freshmen in the animation circle.

It is also amusing to hear the EMCA students’ insights about animation, what animation means to them and what their future plans are after graduation. I learned many new techniques in creating animation and I am so eager to start creating animation work using those techniques. I also understood in which direction I shall start working. Best Regards,


The ReAnimania team is looking forward for Levon’s return, wishing him all the best in his life and future plans.

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