Newsletter 2009

ReAnimania International Animation Film Festival of Yerevan is a celebration of animation culture rebirth in Armenia, as well as a new era for presenting the Armenian animation in the international market and global business arena.

During its initial year ReAnimania received competition submissions from 36 countries and for more than 350 films, including Feature films (2D, 3D, CGI, 3D stop motion, etc), Short films, Educational, TV specials, etc. These films have been screened in Competition, Special, Premieres, Children’s, and other programs.

ReAnimania’09 hosted several contemporary prominent guests and celebrities from the international animation arena from around the world, who have a strong impact on developing and stimulating the animation field. Among these guests were Max Howard (President, Exodus Group, former president of Warner Bros. Feature, and senior vice president of Disney Feature, USA), Yoshi Tamura (Animator, France), Michel Ocelot (Director, “Studio O”, France), Tiziana Loschi (Director, Annecy Festival, France), Otto Guerra (Animator, Brazil), Nina Paley (Animator/Director, USA), Susie Wilson (International Advisor, Scotland), Dean English (Animator/Director, Canada), and others.

From its very first year ReAnimania established partnerships with prominent and well-established international animation film festivals, such as Annecy (France), Stuttgart (Germany), and already has plans and takes steps towards establishing new relations and partnerships with other reputable international animation festivals, to successfully accomplish its goal to spread the word of Armenian Animation culture around the globe, as well as to invite the global animation market into Armenia.

Within the scope of partnership and cooperation with other festivals around the world, ReAnimania has already been invited to screen the Armenian Animation Retrospective around the world – we already have 4 invitations for the years 2010 and 2011.

Our aim is to expand and extend the border of ReAnimania, and to make Armenia the centre of Animation cultural exchange in the region (So. Caucasus, Middle East, Gulf, Russia, Eastern Europe).

To support this expansion, ReAnimania created a platform named MARANI (MARket of ANImation), which took place within the frameworks of ReAnimania, and, although with only a few participating studios for its initial year, quickly proved the importance of introducing the technical and creative possibilities of the Armenian animators, creating resources to build business partnership and ties between the local and international animation markets. During private company presentations Q&A were conducted between Armenian and guest animators and producers, namely Max Howard, Yoshi Tamura, and other prominent representatives of the animation business arena.

The MARANI forum is the perfect venue to meet animators and animation technologies, producers, distributors and other members of the international and regional animation communities in one place, and conveniently takes place at the same time as ReAnimania Festival. The forum consists of exposition booths and participants can interact with other forum participants in formal and informal venues. In particular, participants in the forum can;

  • Meet international and regional members of the animation community
  • Be exposed to the leading animation practitioners in the region
  • Explore collaboration and commercial opportunities

All in one place and within the umbrella of ReAnimania

Participants in MARANI are animators, filmmakers, also animation software creators, developers, IT companies, interactive animation makers, animation technologies providers – in one word, everyone who is involved in the making of animation from A to Z. To successfully implement the business/art/technology aspect of MARANI forum, there will be a summit named ANITA (ANimation and Information Technologies of Armenia).

ANITA wills serve the purpose of bringing together the heads of Animation companies (local and international) around a round table, to discuss;

  • Where Armenian Animation technologies are standing, and where they are going
  • What are the urgent steps to be taken to develop the Armenian Animation in technical aspect
  • How to interest the Armenian IT companies to develop/create animation software
  • How can create a positive collaboration between Animation software developing companies from Armenia and the international ones
  • Brainstorm about finding new keys to more actively raise the Armenian animation into international arena
  • And finally, brainstorm with new ideas to maintain the 70 years of Armenian Animation history success and to be ready for the modern animation industry

ReAnimania, MARANI and ANITA, will serve as a fresh stimulus for animation film production in Armenia and the region in general. Our goal is to facilitate the development of animation art, educate a new generation of world class animators, and provide a prospect for presenting the works of the Armenian animators in the international arena, while showcasing the vast opportunities of the Armenian creative audio-visual animation cluster to the world.

Vrej Kassouny                                       Lucineh Kassarjian

Founder, Director                                 Founder, Artistic Director

ReAnimania International Animation Film Festival of Yerevan