A Message From Vrej Kassouny, Founder and Director of ReAnimania IAFCAFY

I started the Festival ten years ago with a vision to “reanimate” a tradition of animation in Armenia going back over 70 years, and to put Armenia on the world animation map.

We have a mission. We want to create a platform that enables internationally recognized artists and local talents to collaborate creatively. We also want to create new business opportunities for local professionals in our very own creative community. The creative industries are massively important in our 21st century globalized economy. And, right here in Armenia, we see very big potential for us to become a high profile outsourcing center for world-class international projects. Look at the advantages we have already: energetic young people, talent, loads of optimism. Right now, we need to play our part in creating the right environment. We want this great talent and human potential to stay here, to do great work here, and to grow their studios right here in Armenia!

We held our first Festival in 2009. I always believed that one day we would become the biggest event and an international animation hub in the region. More than that, we are now one of the most desirable animation film festivals in the world. Today, I believe it is simply impossible to imagine Yerevan without our very own and very special Festival – ReAnimania!

The impact of our Festival is truly incredible. But in order to keep this unique global animation event independent and free, we’re looking for YOUR support.

Any donation you give goes straight into making our Festival even more exciting and rewarding. ALL contributions are spent on hosting international experts; AND on organizing an even bigger choice of new public seminars; AND on inspiring more young talent than ever before. Give to our Festival and you will be giving unique educational and business opportunities to our very own young Armenian creative talent.  They will have the chance to study at the best animation schools in the world. They can take part in exchange programs to broaden their own worldview and their creative horizons. They will return to us totally energized and full of new techniques and knowledge to give back to their own communities.

We want to make sure our model is self-sustainable. So with the funds raised, we will invite some of the best industry strategists to build a global market of animation (MARANI), a meet-point for international animators, producers and decision-makers to network and collaborate, buy and sell work, pitch projects and recruit talents. This commercial platform will enable the growth of the Festival in the years to come.

So help us make change together, one Festival at a time.  Just like our motto reads, “Life is a picture, bring the picture alive…”

Thank you.

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